User Experience (UX) Lab Facilities

We have a wide variety of  User Experience (UX) options available. Watch a demo video to see some of the many options we have

With our popular Sydney User Experience (UX) Lab Facilities there is almost always a perfect solution for each job with the CGR UX setup.

We can record the screen(s) of iPhone, Android, iPad and Tablet devices, while displaying them live in the viewing room with a Picture In Picture (PIP) of the respondent. With the CGR UX setup, the PIP window and device screen windows can be varied in size to suit the particular job.

We can also live HD webcast the CGR UX setup as well, so clients can watch locally and remotely. 

For paper based jobs we can use a HD document camera, record it in HD, and show it live in the viewing room, with PIP, and HD webcast that as well.

The HD video files with audio of the room will be given on USB at the end of the day.



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