We include more essentials with quality equipment and service. All four locations have the same prices and can be billed on a single invoice. All prices are excluding GST (10% tax).


  • Individual bottled soft drinks & bottled water for respondents and clients

  • Light packaged snacks for respondents

  • Tea & coffee (default am, pm on request)

  • Cloud delivered High Definition (HD) video recording

  • Internet connected PC displaying on a large TV (e.g. YouTube)

  • USB, DVD and CD playback, PC input for HDTV. (Standard HDMI cable)

  • Whiteboard, flipchart, free Wi-Fi, individual air conditioning control

  • Separate live HDTV viewing rooms with large mirrors*

Price List

  • 1 – 2 hour group $585
  • 2.5 hour group $635
  • 3 hour group $675
  • 3.5 hour group $725
  • 4 hour group $760
  • In-depth interviews (min daily charge 4hrs per room) $150 per hour
  • CGR User Experience ‘UX’ setup $150 per day
  • Webcasting (HD Streaming) $150 per group, $50 per hour IDIs
  • Automated transcription $50 per group, $25/hr IDIs


Our trading terms are 7 days.
The City Group Rooms does not like to charge cancellation fees, however we have to charge them to stay in business.
Bookings must please be cancelled in writing. Cancellation of confirmed bookings will be charged as follows:

Same Day 100%

Within 30 days 75%

For further enquires, please phone the office on +612 9299 8907 or mail:

18 of our 20 group rooms have a large mirror. One room in North Sydney has HDTV viewing only.