Your clients can view groups at The City Group Rooms from their home, office or anywhere in the world with our Live HD CGR webcasting service.

Live HD CGR webcasting is a secure one-way video stream using the internet in resolutions up to High Definition (HD). It is not a video conference or Skype call, there is no option for the viewer to be seen or heard. The service is easy to use and can be accessed from almost any PC/Mac/iPad/tablet/iPhone or Android phone. We are always happy to organise a test well in advance of the job, to help ensure a trouble-free webcast.

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We also offer the option of Live CGR HD Webcasting & Web Archiving; where in addition to live webcasting, a copy of the group remains online for a month. There it can be readily viewed with the ability to skip, fast forward and rewind.

As an alternative to our Live HD CGR Webcasting service, you can choose a third party service FocusVision

Demonstration of the City Group Rooms webcast service – Coming Soon

Note: this demonstration will be up soon. In the interium please contact us for a live test.

Suppliers of our optional alternative webcast services: