Remote Research

Hassle free CGR remote solutions for premium online focus groups, IDI’s and UX sessions.

We are using a business grade partner system, incorporated with our own CGR in house systems.

A completely separate client viewing room

While watching the group clients can see and hear other clients. Respondents cannot see or hear clients. it is impossible for respondents to see or hear clients. Even if a client ‘presses the wrong button’ there will be no way a client can be seen or heard by a respondent as that is not an option for them.

Full IT Support

The best feature for busy moderators is; Our Australian team are on site in our Sydney office to assist moderators, clients and respondents with technical assistance whenever you have a job on. We are available by phone and email. This makes our system a hassle free ‘one click’ solution for busy researchers. We record the groups/depths ourselves on site here at CGR Sydney and host your recordings in the cloud for easy downloading from anywhere.

Remote CGR UX

Researchers can do UX testing without the respondent, researcher or clients (stakeholders) being on site. The respondent, researcher and clients (stakeholders) can all stay at home or in their office. Testing can be done with PC, iPhone, iPad, Mac or Android device

Remote Research Pricing

  • 1 group $90 per group
  • 2-4 groups $80 per group
  • 4-8+ groups $70 per group
  • IDI’s $35 per hour (min charge 4 hours)
  • UX IDI’s $40 per hour (min charge 4 hours)

Separate client viewing room $55 per group, $30 per hour for IDIs and UX

Pricing is per group & regardless of individual group length

All prices are ex GST